King Harold And The Battle Of Hastings

Sunday, September 11th 2022.

For the Godwinson family particularly the battle was catastrophic, for not only King Harold, but two of his youthful brothers, Leofwine and Gyrth, had been among the many fallen. According to The Song of the Battle of Hastings, William buried his personal useless, but left the bodies of the English “to be eaten by worms and wolves, by birds and dogs”. The Norman elite, against this, despite their own Viking origins, had tailored through the course of the tenth century to preventing on horseback. The motion at Hastings was subsequently unconventional, with the English standing stock still on the top of a ridge, obliging the Norman cavalry to experience up a slope in order to interact them. When it came to tactics, nevertheless, the 2 sides at Hastings had very completely different concepts, as modern chroniclers famous.

Matilda and William had a big family, with 4 boys and a minimum of four daughters. There are recommendations of two additional daughters, Matilda and Agatha, although evidence for their existence is restricted. Queen Matilda was very close to her household, especially her eldest son, Robert.

After some vigorous negotiations in London, an uneasy peace was restored between Earl Godwin and the king. Judith and Tostig would have lastly been in a place to settle all the way down to married life, following months of uncertainty and upheaval. Although it is impossible to say for certain, they were most likely given one of Godwin’s many comital estates, someplace in Wessex, in which to arrange their family. Their marriage seems to have been a profitable one, with no rumours of infidelity recorded by the assorted chroniclers of the time.

Harold and Edith had about six children together – including three sons, Godwin, Edmund, Magnus and probably a fourth, Ulf. Gytha married Vladimir Monomakh, Great Prince of Kiev, and is the ancestress of the present queen, Elizabeth II, through her descent from Philippa of Hainault. A second daughter, Gunnhild, spent someday in Wilton Abbey in Wiltshire, although it is not certain that she was there with the intention of becoming a nun, or for security and protection from the invading Normans. However, she is claimed to have eloped, before taking her vows, with a Breton knight, Alan the Red. Eadgifu the Fair held over 270 hides of land and was one of the richest magnates in England.

Thousands of people flock from all corners of the nation to relive the Battle of Hastings. Amongst the throngs are tons of of skilled re-enactors, expert in historical fight techniques, decked out in historic clothes, and fuelled by the intricacies of a centuries-old way of life. Two opposing camps straddle the battlefield, one the Anglo Saxon armies who have arrived contemporary from battle in the north, opposing Viking incursions and inter-family civil skirmishes. The different is William Duke of Normandy and his invading military from across the channel.

William could have had as many as 1,000 ships in his invasion fleet. They had favorable winds once they left Normandy on the evening of September 27, 1066. As quickly as he landed, William obtained news of King Harold’s victory over the Norwegian King Harald at Stamford Bridge in the north of England. King Harold also acquired news that William had landed at Pevensey and came south as shortly as he might. King Harold rested at London for a couple of days earlier than taking his army south to fulfill William and his French forces.

Harold travelled at such a tempo that many of his troops failed to sustain with him. When Harold arrived in London he waited for the local fyrd to assemble and for the troops of the earls of Mercia and Northumbria to arrive from the north. After 5 days that they had not arrived and so Harold determined to go for the south coast without his northern troops. As a results of Harold’s formation, the first wave of arrow hearth from the Norman archers had little effect. William adopted this up by ordering an assault from his spearman, but this was met with stones, axes and spears from Harold’s forces. The cavalry also moved forward, only to be met by an unbreakable defend wall.

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