Total War Warhammer Crashes, Freezes, Flickering, Performance, Black Screen, Bugs and Fixes

Friday, October 21st 2022.

I downgraded from Monterey to Big Sur and many apps failed to install or launch ever since. I was particularly having issues re-installing Total AV and WhatsApp but your clear instructions as to how to re-install Rosetta have done the trick.

  • To take a screenshot on Windows, press the Windows logo + SHIFT + S on your keyboard and choose the selection area to capture a screen.
  • Developers of the game have said nothing about the crashing.
  • It is handy to take a screenshot of the HP pavilion with the PrtScn key or Prt SC.
  • The game developers usually release regular game patches to fix bugs and improve gaming performance.

Using that feature, you can capture the tooltips and the pop-up menu’s screenshot. To use this advanced Snipping tools feature, follow the below-mentioned step. No matter what you call it- ‘a screenshot’, ‘screengrabs’, or a ‘screencaps’- this has always been one of the handiest features of the Windows-powered computers. Are you an HP laptop user and looking to find out how to screenshot on HP Laptop? Here we are going to discuss all the methods that WinDLL Blog – Manuals, Hints and Guides you should know to take screenshots of your HP computer. Moreover, in this article, we have also talked about some tools that can come handy even if you are using some other brands’ computer. To take a screenshot in Windows 10, simply press the Print Screen button.


A picture is more vivid and easy to understand than words; besides, it will prevent you from messing up with important information. You can take a screenshot on different devices with different tools and methods. The following content focuses on how to screenshot on HP. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or tablet, there are solutions suitable for you to screenshot HP.

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Overall, the patch does improve the game balance a little bit. You won’t be wiping out the entire world any more with four horsemen, so kudos for that. I find the patch on the whole to be deeply unsatisfying though. It’s a very reactionary patch, with nearly every measure nerfing or toning down some kind of effective player strategy.

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